Today’s oncologist visit was full of great news.

PSA is down from 48 (19 June) to 28 (7 August). Wonderful. So good I forgot to ask about the other results! I assume they are all ok.

The onco agrees not to proceed with barium X-rays. Great.

I can stop the second layer of hormone therapy (Xtandi) and keep it in the rack for future use. Fantastic.

The plan is to check PSA and scan the tumour to confirm what has happened to it in several months time.

All music to my ears. Still not much voice recovery, but some progress. Hopefully this signals that it will keep improving.

How do I feel? Pretty good. Tired. Very emotional. Apart from my monthly bone strengthening shot this Friday I can (hopefully) live outside the cancer bubble for a change.

Good health and happiness to all. Cheers, Phil

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  1. Melanie says:

    Phil, that is good news. As I read your chosen title, then your post, I had the words “everything is beautiful, in its own way, like a starry summers night, or a snow covered winters day…..” singing in my head. Now to get that voice back! Cheers Mel

  2. Wonderful news. Enjoy the relief and relax!! So great to hear.

  3. pete cable says:

    Great to see your good news Phil!

  4. V.J. Knutson says:

    Good news, Phil! You are truly an inspiration!

  5. psatozero says:

    It is great to read some positive things are happening for you Phil. Always nice to see psa going down and reduced medications. Cheers, Les

  6. Dan says:

    Thanks for sharing your great news, Phil. Let’s hope it keeps on coming. Dan

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