Well, I am struggling at the moment. I forgot to mention that my PSA went up from 38 to 66 over three months to May. Not good.

I started the Xtandi hormone therapy. In addition to Lucrin. So far so good on the side effects front. But early days. However, I have developed a mean cough. Well, not really a cough. A weird half cough. The Ears, Nose and Throat guy calls it a bovine cough. So, now I cough like a cow. Wonderful.

So what is the big deal? I have a cough. So what? Well, I have started some volunteer jobs that may be affected.

The first is a volunteer rural fire service fire fighter. I fought my first fire in September last year. I felt like superman. It was so great. And…to add to the buzz. I made it into the local newspaper. I may not be able to continue. It is not safe to be on the fire ground with no voice. No radio or other vocal communication with other firefighters can be dangerous. And inhaling smoke when you have a bad cough is nuts. My first Officer asked if I wanted off the roster. I said no. Hopefully, my voice will return. They are short of people during the week so I will go if I get the call. Fingers crossed I can continue.

The second is a volunteer cafe hand at the local hospital. The cafe raises funds to buy equipment for the hospital. I work one day a week. Wednesdays 7am to noon. I can still do food prep, but answering the phone or doing the front counter is a problem. The boss did not like my idea of answering the phone in my husky whisper with “Good morning. Wish List coffee house. Batman speaking”. Not so bad, but you cannot do food prep with a bad half cough. Not a good look.

The prospect of stopping these jobs is distressing. They are challenging physically, but they give me a great deal of satisfaction. An easy temporary answer is to take cough medicine. Not wise. The cough is trying to stop stuff going down my airways, so stopping the cough may lead to trouble with my lungs. Just what I need. Seems like a no win situation. Probably just have to put up with the chest and head aches.

So…for the moment I have to run with the hormone therapy. No idea if it will work or how long it will take. Not very satisfactory.

To add insult to injury my Australian Rules football team (Collingwood) ended their seven week winning streak by losing a game they should have won. No wonder I am depressed.

As always the morning will shine a brighter light on everything. I hate feeling sorry for myself. But it happens. Good health and happiness to all. Cheers, Phil

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2 Responses to PITY PARTY

  1. V.J. Knutson says:

    I think feeling sorry for yourself comes with the territory and is absolutely permissible. You are an inspiration even then, Phil!

  2. psatozero says:

    Must agree with V J Knutson. Phil, you are an inspiration, obviously dedicated to serving your community. It is sad you are not able to do the things you enjoy so much. Hang in there, hopefully you will see some improvement soon.

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