Hi all,

I met with the oncologist today. It seems the near 60% increase in PSA in two months to mid February is not keeping the oncologist awake at night. Lucky. No need to panic yet. I wish someone had told me!

He suggested an updated bone scan and chest/abdomen/pelvis CT scan to see if we can identify what is happening and where. Makes sense to me. I booked these in for Monday and Thursday of next week. So it will be a couple of weeks before we know what it means.

All options are on the table, depending on what the scans show. Maybe chemo. Maybe radiation therapy. Maybe new hormone therapy (Enzalutamide). Maybe fish slapping (only kidding!).

The prospect of more hormone therapy always scared me, due to the nasty side effects. However, (if the information can be believed) Enzalutamide has “minimal side effects”. Really! Bring it on!

How am I feeling? Not sure yet. It usually takes a while for these things to sink in. But it should be a relief. Having options is always a good thing.

Oh, and by the way, I mentioned medical cannabis (MC) to my oncologist, and advised that I am determined to pursue this, via legal or other means. Basically he suggested that the legal option is only available to children with epilepsy, and cancer patients with chronic nausea and/or pain. It is so disappointing that there is not a more open minded approach to MC. Maybe one day.

Also, by the way. I took my first anti-depressant last week. Mirtazapine 15mg. I got a good night sleep, but was absolutely cactus the next day. I could hardly keep awake. So I reduced the dose by half. Seems to be OK. Getting sleep but a little bit light headed, dreamy and tired during the day. Hopefully it will get better.

Good health and happiness to all. Cheers, Phil



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  1. psatozero says:

    Good to hear there are still treatment options Phil. After chemo hormone treatment should be a doddle. Say goodbye to sex though!

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