Hello, the second cycle of chemo started with an infusion today. It was pretty uneventful, and (touch wood) there are no serious side effects yet.

One unavoidable side effect is losing your hair. All of it according to the oncologist, but only “thinning” according to the chemo nurse. Well, after my hair started falling out last Thursday, I decided to take the initiative. Giving myself a buzz cut rather than letting the hair thin was a popular choice. My wife and daughter kindly helped on Friday night, armed with scissors and an electric trimmer. The buzz cut was a bit untidy, so out came the razor for a full shave.

There was some demand for a full reveal of my new look nude nut. Mostly for a laugh. I  wanted to wait until I was comfortable with the look. After double takes at windows and mirrors, I think I am used to it. Soooo……….here it is: –


Anyway, moving right along…….I also decided today to get motivated about riding the horse that we have had for two and a half months. Off to Saddle World to outlay $125 for helmet and boots and I was ready for action. Here I am riding our horse for the first time:-


Nothing too ambitious. Just a walking pace around the arena and over trot poles, plus an accidental rise to a trot.

All considered, it has been a pretty good day. Good health and happiness to all. Cheers, Phil

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11 Responses to CHEMO CYCLE TWO

  1. Liz Read says:

    Looking good Phil. Glad you are protecting your head with the helmet. Love reading your blog entries.

  2. V.J. Knutson says:

    Looks good, Phil. Happy riding.

  3. YAPCaB says:

    You look quite dapper! Glad to see you still have your eyebrows. Some chemos cause them to fall out as well.

    It’s so cool you have horse. What fun. I used to ride back in college. Had a great time, but it was too expensive to continue after I graduated.

    • philblog100 says:

      Thanks Jim. Eyebrows are still OK (so far!), but I have lost some eyelashes. I get the whole horse expense thing. Just spent more on medical bills to treat a wound in the horses rump than it cost to buy the horse. The plan is to get a second horse so that my wife and I can ride while our daughter is at school, and one of us can ride with our daughter at other times. Unless we go broke first

      • YAPCaB says:

        Lol. Sounds like a house – a money pit. Still they’re so much fun to ride. I loved jumping. Experiencing all that power when they jump is so exhilarating, and a little scary I’ll admit.

  4. Bridget says:

    Looking good Phil, hope you’re finding it easy to maintain 🙂 Hope the chemo continues to be trouble free. Enjoy the horse riding!

    • philblog100 says:

      Thanks Bridget. The biggest problem is the girls running their fingers through my non-hair! Hope you are all well

  5. Lesley Braddon says:

    Hi Phil,

    I love it, looking good. Your positive attitude is inspiring. Enjoy the horse riding. And love to your gorgeous girls.

    Love Lesley xx

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